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System Status: All systems are currently available.

Please use IE or Firefox with the systems listed below. We are working to resolve an issue with Chrome.

Beginning August 18, 2010 access to all VCUeRA systems (InfoEd, Click Commerce, and CORES) from any off campus location or through the VCU Wireless system will require you to use VCU's VPN (Virtual Private Network) software provided by Technology Services. Click here for VCU's VPN. If you have any questions or problems accessing the VPN site, contact the Help Desk at (804) 828-2227, e-mail, or visit

System Login

  • » VCUeRA Portal (InfoEd)
    Office of Research proposal and protocol development and management system.
  • » VCUeRA Reports
    Office of Research electronic reporting system. Access is limited to Office of Research staff only.
  • » RAMS-IRB
    Office of Research IRB protocol development and management system.
  • » IACUC (Click Commerce)
    Office of Research IACUC protocol development and management system.
  • » AIRS
    Office of Research Activities and Interest Reporting System
  • » CORES
    Office of Research Core Facilities billing and resource scheduling system.
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Helpline Image: To report any concern or for more information, (888)242-6022;;

Each university member is expected to report actual or suspected violations of laws, regulations, VCU policies and procedures or other misconduct. Management has a special duty to recognize and report violations.