VCU IRB Written Policies and Procedures

Part I: Human Research Protection Program Overview
Part II: IRB Operations
Part III: Special Requirements

Part I: Human Research Protection Program Overview
Section I: Document Control
I-1 WPP Document Control 5-28-14

Section II: VCU Human Research Protection Program
II-1 HRPP Overview 9-24-14
II-2 Determining What Constitutes Human Research Subject to IRB Approval 7-28-14
II-3 Assurance of Compliance (FWA) 6-23-15
II-4 HRPP Quality Assurance/Improvement Elements 2-25-14
II-5 State Law Applicability for Research Conducted In and Outside of Virginia 6-23-15

Section III: VCU IRB Relationships
III-2 External Relationships (non-VCU) 12-20-16
III-3 Meeting Guests 5-13-14
III-4 Outreach Activities 10-1-14

Section IV: IRB Panel Organization, Composition, and Responsibilities
IV-1 Panel System Organization 8-27-13
IV-2 IRB Member Responsibilities and Conflicts of Interest 9-24-14
IV-4 Responsibilities of IRB Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons 9-24-14
IV-5 Use of Consultants for IRB Review 9-24-13

Section V: Education and Training
V-1 Investigators and Research Personnel 7-29-14
V-2 IRB Members and Staff (Education and Training) 9-24-14